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  2. When your clothes are too tight, your circulation is poor and it can worsen this condition. According to one study, 31% of the female population has varicose veins. This condition may become worse from the use of oral contraceptives, wearing tight pants, and standing for long periods of time. 3. It promotes the development of cellulite.
  3. Jan 12,  · A woman’s vagina is a sex organ as well as part of the birth canal. Just as women can have different sized breasts, hands, and feet, the size and depth of vaginas can also vary.
  4. Apr 11,  · It's also possible that just as some penises are on the small side, some vaginas might be, too. An exceptionally large penis, then, would be a mismatch for a small vagina.
  5. Jan 16,  · The rapper was riding in a car in an all-denim outfit late Tuesday night when she became, uh, uncomfortable -- especially in the crotch area -- because her pants were too tight. She explained her.
  6. A woman goes under a waterfall in a water park, but the stream of water is so strong that it sweeps off her bikini bottoms.
  7. Jan 23,  · Masturbation is a normal and healthy sexual activity with few side effects. Many bizarre claims surround masturbation, such as going blind, and most of these claims are untrue.
  8. Jan 19,  · "My ex was a little too big for me. We would engage in a lot of foreplay that involved his penis right at the entrance to my vagina. For whatever reason, just having it there made my body adjust.

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