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  1. "The first label variation on which Beatles records were pressed was the classic black label with a rainbow color band. This variation of the Black Rainbow label was first issued in the early sixties (T) and has a glossy label.
  2. Mar 16,  · Recorded at Granny's House in Reno in 60 Mins Highly Praise and Worship Songs Of Hillsong - Best Popular Gospel Songs Of All Time Playlist - Duration: Sun Music Recommended for you.
  3. Recorded by Pathé for an eight minute newsreel entitled The Beatles Come to Town, which was shown in cinemas beginning on 22 December, This is from a secondary use, the movie "Pop Gear" (released in the USA as "Go Go Mania") and is something of an "alternate mix" featuring a quieter audience overdub.
  4. It's great to hear The Beatles live and at their peak of the touring years. This cd shows how good they really were live despite not being able to hear themselves play. The only downside for me is the screaming of the fans. I know it has been reduced but at times it does get annoying. Other than that this is brilliant/5(1).
  5. Apr 10,  · Beatles producer George Martin has a nice little remembrance called All You Need Is Ears, but it was his mids engineer Geoff Emerick who shot past him in the post-career Beatle book game.
  6. Cover songs were included on five of the band's core albums: Please Please Me, With the Beatles (both ), Beatles for Sale (), Help! () and Let It Be (). [20] Lead vocals were also shared by the group, with Starr usually contributing vocals to one song per album. [21].
  7. For the next test, Sterling’s U.S. Album box set stereo masters (which utilised the Abbey Road-created, masters) versus Abbey Road’s unique implementation of the self same stereo masters as heard in the Beatles In Stereo UK box set, don’t forget that Abbey Road added a touch of limiting to its own stereo masters (see The Beatles: U.S. Albums Pt.1 feature).
  8. Dec 17,  · Because “Twist And Shout” is the name of The Beatles’ first British EP, we can chart its success. While the album, “Please Please Me” came out on the 22nd March, , they released the EP on the 12th July, Both reached number one in the official charts. The former being top for 30 weeks while the EP managed to stay there for.
  9. “The White Album was recorded in mono in , it was the last mono mix of a Beatles’ album, hearing this album in anything but mono is to do yourself a disservice, if you truly want to have an ear-opening experience, get ahold of a mono mix drawn from the original source tapes, and hear what you were intended to hear.

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