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  1. Oct 14,  · That’s why it’s odd that a new cassette would be so bad. The only thing besides chain, that I have left to check (ran out of time last night) is to take the cassette back off and make sure that it is aliened square on the hub and that it is tight (I don’t have a way to check torque with the adjustable wrench), even though both cassettes.
  2. May 21,  · A buyer has had the audio book he ordered for 2 weeks, and told me that the 2 cassettes in there are defective and don’t work. I only have one cassette player, and it’s in my (old) car! Do cassettes wear out? I’ll refund him, but not sure whether I should ask for return of the audio book, because I’m not sure if he could be right, or is fibbing. I’ve never had this complaint before.
  3. Jul 24,  · was it just me or was the stuttering and popins stupid bad for a series x game? Reactions: Mokus. Portugeezer Member. Dec 11, 19, 1, 1, 5, 1, 1, Jul 23, # "look at all our scenery" demo playstyle; It gives off strong Halo 1 vibes for me, with the tricks of Halo 3 and beyond thrown in; Open world.
  4. It should also work to make the same combination with the top of a cassette at the 19t cog like you are planning since the top of the and only change after the 21t cog. Another mod I’ve done to the CS-M cassette is to swap the 11t and 13t .
  5. Oct 22,  · Remove the Cassette. Don’t panic. This is quite easy as long as you have the proper tools. Remove the rear wheel and the skewer. Might not be an obvious thing. If you’re having trouble with this step, don’t feel bad. We’ve all gotten the rear derailleur in the way at some point. Make sure to shift your chain all the way to the smallest cog.
  6. All You Need to Know About Cassettes. We previously discussed the pros and cons of three different types of cranks – standard, compact and triple (see his post here). Cranks are really only half the story though. The cassette you choose also has a huge impact on how your bike performs.
  7. Apr 07,  · "All" is probably too much of a generalization. However, I think it's safe to say that nearly all commonly available freehubs made in the past 20 or so years have adapted to the Shimano freehub standard and any 8-speed, 9-speed, or speed cassettes (be they intended to be mountain or road use) will fit onto these freehubs.
  8. They don't necessarily sound flat, by which I'm assuming you mean dull or not very dynamic. A good tape on a good machine properly calibrated could sound great (see: Nakamichi)! I used to make really nice tri-miked cassette recordings for broadcas.
  9. Nov 30,  · Demo audio cassette tapes! In this video we explore a high fidelity little known section of audio cassettes that were mainly produced during the 80's and 90's for demonstration and promotional.

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