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  1. Blackface and “painting down” are causing a major uproar in the stunt community — but for many Black stuntwomen, they’re only symptoms of a much deeper problem. In July, Anjelika.
  2. No one in America is less romantic about the record of inner-city black churches; no one is more realistic about their dwindling congregations, often near-empty coffers, and negative attraction to today’s angry young black males. At the same time, no one understands better that when you get right down to it, a resurrection of the inner-city.
  3. Some of the national ads were expected to continue appearing during “major viewing events” such as the news and sports, as well as on networks geared towards Black audiences like TVOne.
  4. Aug 04,  · Fresno State senior-to-be golfer Brigitte Thibault has qualified for her first U.S. Women’s Amateur this week in Rockville, Maryland. In the first round of stroke play Monday, she posted a five.
  5. Jan 22,  · A pioneer in law, Jane Bolin was the first Black woman to attend Yale Law School in In , she became the first Black female judge in the United States, where she served for 10 years. One of her significant contributions throughout her career was working with private employers to hire people based on their skills, as opposed to Author: Michelle Darrisaw.
  6. Wide Prairie, a posthumous compilation of Linda McCartney recordings spanning the early s through the late s, was re-released Friday 2nd August via MPL / Capitol / UMe. The only album to be released solely under Linda’s name, Wide Prairie features Linda on vocals and various instruments on songs she wrote or co-composed and recorded with Wings between and , the single.
  7. 11 hours ago · Black and racialized people are under-represented and often sometimes non-existent on boards in eight major cities across Canada. A new study .
  8. In June, Whitney Brown and Lauren Napier established Consider Something Better, an initiative to raise capital for Black women founders. One-time donations are nice, Brown said, but in the long.
  9. 1 day ago · The late Rep. Shirley Chisholm, D-N.Y., was the first Black woman elected to the House of Representatives and in became the first Black woman to seek a major .

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