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  1. Mar 28,  · This series is my attempt to summarize what I have learned about the afterlife from primarily two works: The Light of Egypt, and The Secret Teaching of .
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  3. [See Proverbs ; John , "Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me."] Paragraph 4 -- We again must shake our heads in horror as Freemasonry states that it accepts the "truth" found in any religion, because this Universalist Viewpoint implicitly states that all religions are.
  4. Part 1 of the Transmigration of the Soul series Next Work After moving to Ebott City for a new job, a tall, loud, cheerful skeleton explodes into your life and challenges you to confront your phobia. However, things are never that easy. Ancient prejudices and betrayals threaten to destroy everything you've worked for, and you find yourself.
  5. TRANSMIGRATION OF SOULS. The supposed passing of the soul at death into another body is called transmigration of souls (reincarnation, metempsychosis). This doctrine, in its most developed form, as in Greece and India, involved three restrictions: the place where the soul and its new body dwell must be, at least in part, in this world; the new body must be acquired for more than a temporary.
  6. Nov 08,  · TransMigration is a beautifully told story inspired by the life and paintings of iconic Ojibwe shaman-artist Norval Morrisseau. Distinctively Canadian, it's a stunning response to Morrisseau's.
  7. Chapter 1: Transmigration. A wooden bed. I quietly laid on this wooden bed with a thin fabric sheltering me from the harshness of the world. Stone or brick? I wondered as I looked up, staring at a ceiling plastered with mortar; it looked like it was going to collapse on me at any moment.
  8. Jan 02,  · The transmigration of souls is the belief that, after death, the soul or spirit migrates to another physical or metaphysical state. Transmigration depends on karma, the belief that one’s actions in life, good and bad and morally ambiguous, when taken as a whole and weighed in the balance, will determine the nature of one’s next existence.

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