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  1. The origins of psalm singing in America go back as far as the early s. American Protestant religious music grew out of rural and small-town folk cultures, from both white and black populations.
  2. Only $1/month. Ch 3:Folk Music Traditions. In American society, the predominant folk music originally was the songs of: Anglo-Americans. The interweaving of British and _____ styles could be the most significant factor in the development of American music. African _____ folk music comes largely from the musical expressions of slaves and.
  3. Faheem Rasheed Najm (born September 30, ), better known by his stage name T-Pain, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter and record headbaiprivruenhypoutecchhallenrewoodsrac.coinfo debut album, Rappa Ternt Sanga, was released in In , T-Pain released his second album Epiphany, which reached number one on the US Billboard chart. His third album, Thr33 Ringz, was released in
  4. Larry Starr is Professor of Music at the University of Washington. His previous publications include The Dickinson Songs of Aaron Copland (), A Union of Diversities: Style in the Music of Charles Ives (), and articles in American Music, Perspectives of New Music, Musical Quarterly, and Journal of Popular Music Studies. Christopher Waterman.
  5. The precursor to black Gospel music is the African American spiritual, which had already been around for well over a century before Gospel music began its rise to popularity starting in the s. Songs written by African American composers in the decades following emancipation that focused on biblical themes and often drew from spirituals were.
  6. music written for the piano. Scott Joplin () is the best-known composer of ragtime music. syncopation- the placement of accented rhythms in between the main beats of a song Practice quiz early american street vendors selling their wares used a vocal tradition similar to field hollers TRUE ballads are songs that tell stories TRUE the earliest blues music can be considered european.
  7. The first Americans to write music with a distinctly American sound were known as: The first international hit song written in America was “Jim Crow,” written in by: The form of a song when each line of text has its own music is called.
  8. the puritans allowed only type of book for singing in their worship services called. the psalter. The first Americans to write music with a distinctly American sound were known as. easter parade and god bless america. in the late 's replaced minstrel shows as americas most popular stage show.
  9. What did the music industry call recordings from the 's until the late 's that were made by African Americans artists and produced mainly for sale to African American listeners? Race Records The music industry's discovery of black music can be traced to a set of recordings made in the early 's' by which black vaudeville performer?

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