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  1. A Biofilter Zrt. a bioenergietikai szektort kiszolgáló környezetvédelmi vállalatként nap mint nap azon dolgozik, hogy a szerves hulladékok a szakszerű begyűjtésen és feldolgozáson keresztül %-ban újrahasznosíthatóak és körforgásban tarthatóak legyenek.
  2. Please be careful if u are looking for the original mix,people on you tube are uploading the original with the wrong image it seems!! Unless anyone could clarify this headbaiprivruenhypoutecchhallenrewoodsrac.coinfo posted a review of O.D* - Biofilter E.P. takes 10 years to release the "original mix" and doesnt even release on vinyl!!!! the best mix of this tune!
  3. The biological filter, or biofilter, is a key component in the filtration portion of a recirculating aquaculture system (RAS). The biofilter houses the nitrifying bacteria and is the primary site where biological nitrification occurs. Nitrify-ing bacteria process dissolved nitrogenous waste products excreted by the aquatic organisms being cultured.
  4. Biofilter material (also called just biofilter) is a collective name for those organic products that are successfully used in air purification installations where 'odour' is concerned. Our society sets high demands for our living environment. This concerns odour, air purification, and other harmful substances. We are manufacturers of biofilter material for organic odour.
  5. • Successful biofilter requires careful: – Media selection – Moisture control – Airflow distribution • Correctly designed and maintained biofilter will provide: – High removal efficiencies for odor and H 2S • Biofilters are routinely selected as technology of choice due File Size: 1MB.
  6. Easy maintenance of tank filtration once tank is fully cycled over a few months. Changing the filter / carbon out caused an incomplete new tank (with fish) bio-cycle to stop and water quality suffered for two or three weeks until additives and daily water changes .
  7. The hanit ® Biofilter Raised Flooring System provides the perfect solution to the problems experienced in laying wooden or steel flooring systems in biofilter plants. This adaptable and durable system is the logical choice for harsh and chemical environments.
  8. A biofilter/bio-oxidation system is a fairly simple device to construct and operate and offers a cost-effective solution provided the pollutant is biodegradable within a moderate time frame (increasing residence time = increased size and capital costs), at reasonable concentrations (and lb/hr loading rates) and that the airstream is at an.

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